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Ranger Guided Walks

High Life Highland Countryside Ranger walks in Assynt Area

All the walks are led by one of the Rangers. It is important though that you think of your own safety and that of any children for whom you are responsible. Remember too that these are country walks in the Highland weather so please dress accordingly. Bring sturdy shoes, or boots, a picnic and a sense of fun.


Sorry watching wildlife is not usually compatible with taking dogs.   


The Rangers reserve the right to cancel any of these events. 


All events will require booking in advance. This is to ensure your safety and that you get a quality experience. A full programme of guided walks and details on how to book can be found at  

To book on these events so please visit and use the booking reference number for the event given above. There is a guest checkout facility if you do not hold a High Life Highland card.


If you have trouble booking, you can give Andy a phone 01571 855309 and he can book you over the phone.  

Further information contact: Highlife Highland Countryside Rangers, Lochinver Mission, Culag Park, Lochinver IV27 4LE;  Telephone: 01571 844654 or Email:  


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