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Salmon Fishing -River Inver

The River Inver lies a short distance from the picturesque village of Lochinver in the unspoilt North West of Sutherland, overlooked by Benmore Assynt. The River is approximately 6 miles in length and flows out of the sizeable Loch Assynt at its head.

Below Loch Assynt, and really part of the loch is Loch Garbhe Uidhe and a short distance downstream Loch An Iasgaich, both of these lochs being incorporated into the upper beat fishings. In the early part of the century, the exit at Loch Assynt was dammed in order to control the flow of water into the river. The sluices were renovated in 1976, with a fish pass to allow the free ascent of fish.

Fishing on the Inver is by fly only, the season runs from 11th February to 15th October, the main fishing months being July to October inclusive.

Further information at Sporting Lets.


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