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Nothing much is known about Assynt in the Dark Ages. The structures of the Iron Age probably continued in use and several place names tell us that the Norse speakers made a significant impact in the area, not only along the coast (Unapool and Ullapool), but also inland (Traligill and Calda) and a pin of walrus ivory of Viking or early Medieval date was found in the ‘Bone Caves’.

Fragments of a very large Christian Cross which may date to the 9th century can be seen in the Old Parish Church at Inchnadamph and a triangular boulder with two small incised crosses now lies in the burial ground close to the bridge in Lochinver. 

The Bronze Age Burnt Mound at Stronchrubie produced some finds from this early medieval period suggesting a period of re-use and results are keenly awaited from a recent excavation at the moated site close to the Old Church which may have originated in this period. Pics of Inch Cross, Lochinver Cross and Moat under excavation.


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